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As I stated in my previous article in the last article, given the recent confusion and inconsistent performance in the markets, it’s likely that it is time to make to change course and investment strategy.

With a low value turnover of just 5 billion pesos(Psos), the market recently increased and has closed at a higher point. In these instances it was even though international investors had net sales, something that normally would send the market south to negative territory.


Also, we have witnessed the market close at an inexplicably low level on negative bases even though it had a massive total turnover of approximately 8 billion pesos that, typically, increased the price of stocks as well as the overall market. in general. generally. It was the case even when international investors bought instead of selling.

The market’s inconsistent behavior is continuing to show this week. Despite numerous reports of positive corporate earnings, which began at midweek, trading will likely end either down or in a downward direction and investors deciding to make negative aspects. dominating in their negotiation decisions.


For instance, First Gen Corp. (FGEN) announced that its recurring net income in the first quarter “increased 35% over the course of the year to $115 million, up as compared to the $ 85 million the year before” due to the robust growth of the natural gas. Facilities were destroyed.

Fast food company Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC) has also revealed that its first quarter net income “grew 16.1 percent year-over-year, up to 4.05 billion pesos” on its global expansion which is driven by its growing North American business. By 195.6 percent “due to the merger with Smashburger”.


Management also stated that, even with Smashburger, “business would have increased 23.6 percent over the course of a year.”

Additionally, JFC’s business within Europe, Middle East and Asia (excluding Philippines) “grew by 46.1 percent in second (second) quarter, and its operations in China” increased by 17.4 percent. .


JFC’s local operations grew 15.8 percent, JFC’s management said.


Ayala Corp. (AC) On the other hand it reported its net profits was up 7 percent during the initial six months up to 16.1 billion pesos, up from 15.1 billion pesos in same period of the year before.

The telecoms company Globe Telecommunications, Inc. (GLO) and its real property affiliate Ayala Land, Inc. were the two that contributed most to AC’s total revenue. Both of them increased AC’s revenue by 25 and 18 respectively.

Another stock pick was made by one of the active participants participating in our Puregold Price Club, Inc. Virtual stock trading competition saw a growth of 25% in revenue for the first quarter of the year. This is a positive change after the company had reported an unsatisfactory performance during the preceding period.


As mentioned, “strong growth in comparable store sales (SSSG)” has been the main growth driver of the business.

In good condition, but it is likely to be observed by players, Lucio Tan, led by LT Group, Inc. (LTG) has also announced an increase of 97% in net income in the first quarter in the fiscal year. The profit could be boosted by revenue from the sale of property by banking subsidiaries and further boosted by profits generated by the “normalization” in the operations of its tobacco subsidiary.

The little-known Filinvest Development Corp. (FDC) has also announced that it “doubled its net earnings attributable directly to the shareholders who own the company. It grew to 3.4 billion pesos during the second quarter, up from 1.7 billion pesos in same time last year because of a high real value. real estate sales.


In its regulatory report, the company announced its net attributable profit for the first quarter increased by 66 percent up to 5.42 billion pesos from 3.26 billion pesos one year earlier.

The real estate division from Filinvest Land, Inc. (FLI) which was a recent stock selection by an active player top players – was responsible for most of the profits. According to reports the real estate market from April to June brought in an income that was 7.65 billion pesos. This was up 56% over the same period in the previous year.

The more positive earnings report is expected to come out in the next week However, the market does not seem to be showing any indication of changing its questioning habits.

The good thing regarding this situation is, in the midst of the confusing circumstances, all value turnovers be primarily derived from the trading of large caps. They remain the dominant force in overall trading and regardless of what market small caps are playing throughout the years they were more of an exception than the norm.

Additionally the trendline that runs through the length of the market is still consistent and the break that is currently occurring may be a sign that it is in the process of consolidation, or more specifically an accumulation, or a phase of consolidation which leads to the final break in the price of stocks. Their negotiation model.

The first 3 days of the week 24

Struggling for a better spot, if not one on the charts, young Play Hard was the first to send trading orders on Monday’s trading. The player had 2 “sell” orders as well as the equivalent amount of “buy” orders that had to be fulfilled by the 13th of August.

They were planning to buy 100 shares from Ayala Land, Inc. at a cost of 42.60 pesos, and 3500 shares from EEI Corporation (EEI) at 10.68 pesos each. The remaining two were to purchase 100 shares from Manila Electric Company (MER) at P 370.00 per share. They also bought 500 shares from Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (MBT) at P 77.00 per share.

However the majority of the “sell” order were “Not completed” since they were over the actual market prices that day. This resulted in those “buy” purchases “invalid” due to the lack of funds to cover the transactions made.

Pixiu will not be let down. Convinced that she needs to continue to lead the pack and maintain her lead, she submitted three trading orders to be executed on Monday. They needed to withdraw the gains while maintaining a an adequate liquidity position so that they are ready to take advantage of the next buying opportunity.

The shares offered for sale at the following price were 10000 shares of Megaworld Corporation (MEG) at P5.10 3000 shares from Prime Orion Philippines, Inc. (POPI) at 3.08 as well as 1,000 shares in ALI priced at P43.30.

After having surpassed the cost in the “sell” orders like in the case that of Play Hard where none were successful, she put in another trade order to execution the following day, which was August 14th. Seven “sell” orders all together and the orders were to be sold at the below prices including: 10.000 MEG shares for 4.92P and 4,000 shares from Alliance Global Group, Inc. (AGI) at P12.38 and 30,000 POPI at P2.90; 4000 shares of Premium Leisure Corp. (PLC) at P0.93 100,000 shares in Philippine Realty and Holdings Corporation at P0.56 1,000 shares in ALI at P42.20 and 220 shares in Ferronoux Holdings, Inc. (FERRO) at P4.00.

Each of Play Hard and Pixiu received new trading orders on Wednesday. Play Hard has announced that the EEI will be sold once more however at a price that is P 10.50 for each share. The transaction has been “Done” at this point. He placed “buy” orders were for 100 MER shares at P 355.00 each, and 425 MBT shares for P 76.10 for each (but in actual fact, they be treated as an “open” shares price of P 75.95 due to the computerization from the computerization rule of trading on stock exchanges rules) Also, the transaction was “Completed”.

Pixiu has four orders for trading. One of these was to buy his latest stock picks at the current price of the stock, according to the following: 20000 shares Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation (CPM) at P1.86 1 million shares of Apollo Global Capital, Inc. (APL) at P0.042.

The second two options consisted of selling his current holdings of 20, 000 FERRO shares for P3.82 (considered as being at the “open” value which was P3.83) for each share. The third was to purchase 5 million shares in its preferred oil stocks Oriental Petroleum and Minerals. Corporation and Minerals Corporation, which had been declared “Completed” at the declared price of P0.012 per share.

Pixiu has three work orders due on Thursday. They will be correctly reported on Tuesday, along with the rankings of performance for all players during Week 24, which spans the period of August 13-17 2018.

The final line

In the present scenario of the market based on current as well as ongoing events here and around the world (not not to forget the recent economic crisis in Turkey) I would only suggest “bottom-up investments”.

We will also discuss “bottom-up investment” in the future issues of this column. We hope you’ll discover this investment strategy more stable and more financially profitable than its counterpart “top-down investing” which we will analyze in depth.

(Den Somera ) is licensed stockbroker licensed by the state of California. This article was written for distribution to the public. It should not be taken as an invitation or offer for an offer to purchase or sell any instruments or securities. financial, whether discussed in the article or otherwise.In further, readers should be aware that either the writer or any other investment entity that is mentioned in the article could be in a conflict of interests that could compromise the credibility of their stated or referenced investment activities. [email protected]